Does my Acer Swift 3 (sf314-51-52w2) have two M.2 drive slots?

ravenraven Member Posts: 2 New User

I'm wondering if my Acer Swift 3 (sf314-51-52w2) has two M.2 drive slots. Can I just add another SSD or do I need to replace the existing one if I want to switch from 256 gig to 1 TB? Also, any recommendations for what SSD I should use? I'm not gaming but I'd like quality.

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  • William_mk2
    William_mk2 Ally Posts: 3,777


    Kindly go through the details which is gathered from the service manual designed for your computer.

    I would like to provide some additional info which will really help you. 

    Kindly go through the details given below. The info provided below will be very helpful to get the current memory and ssd details of your computer and the options to upgrade it.  

    Please visit the website given below. There is an option to "start your scan " and " select your computer " . Please chose the options and try it. It will show you the memory and SSD’s details and the best upgrade options for you..

    It will tell you what you currently have and what you can add for memory and SSD's. 

    Note: If you decide to buy you can always compare the prices by visiting other websites or stores and then you can decide. We are providing the info of scan app just to show you the upgrade options. You can even download similar scan apps from other memory upgrade websites too.      

    To check the compatibility of ram which you can use on your computer.. Get CPUz and check it with that in SPD section of all the RAM and specs that you have, its a quick and simple way to check all OEM specs and what you have in your system. 

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    I am not an ACER employee
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  • billsey
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    That didn't really answer your question... The SF314-51 models all have just one M.2 slot for SSDs and one for WiFi. You can't use either for the other function, so one SSD is all you can fit it. You can, however, put a much larger drive in than the stock one.

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  • ravenraven
    ravenraven Member Posts: 2 New User

    Thanks for answering. That is helpful to know. Now I'm wondering if there is a size limit that I can upgrade the SDD to. I have 256 now. I'd like to put in 1TB. Will my laptop allow that size? SF314-51 model

    I was thinking to buy a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 NVMe Internal Solid State Drive. Is that compatible?

  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 29,248 Trailblazer

    The size limit is defined by your wallet... They make 8TB SSDs that will fit, but that's gilding the rose if you know what I mean. 😊The Samsung should be just fine.

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