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Hello Guys
When I boot my computer the disk activity is about 100% and takes many time to load the desktop screen after booting. I bought the laptop in December and its lagging so much these days. The memory usage will also increase slowly. I tried Defragmenting the disk and that solved the problem for a little time. I noticed that the laptop lags only continued when the internet connectivity was there. Except the desktop loading the other lags will always continue. I can't open Mozilla Firefox and few other programs. Is this the problem of any programs, mainly Windows Update ????
My  Laptop is - Acer Aspire A515-51G-571Z 
Here's a screenshot-

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  • brummyfan2
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    Try the methods in the link below, you don't have to do them all at once, please check the results after each fix and move to the next one, avoid the fix number 8, you can install the drivers manually.
  • Lavinap
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    I follow and try the methods still it doesn't fix my problem.  My laptop is Aspire 5 so someone can help me to fix the bug on my laptop
  • billsey
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    There are a few things that can cause a lot of disk activity, in your case it look like you may be close to the threshold of memory (83% in use) use, causing the system to swap out to disk. Needless to say when the system needs to move memory to the disk it causes a lot fo disk activity. The other big thing for disk activity, especially when you first start up, if the antivirus. They are usually set for a scan at some time during the night, but since the machine is turned off at that time it waits until you turn it on, then starts a scan. You can also get heavy disk activity when there are multiple antivirus apps installed, even when one or more are supposed to be turned off. Try using Resource Monitor to better help in pinning it down. In the memory section look for Hard Faults/sec, that tracks with writing to disk, and look in disk for the apps with the highest data movement.
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