Aspire E5-576 - blue screen with option, but nothing works...

Hi, please help, I don't know what to do now.
It (Aspire E5-576) crashed from nowhere, and I restarted. Now I get blue screen cycle (with options, but nothing works even reset).
So I made a W10 USB thumb drive and tried to boot from it for fresh W10 installation. Now F12 doesn't work. It's going to the blue screen again (although I'm holding F12).

Thank you.

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  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,384 Trailblazer
    Try this.
    (1) Press and hold power button till laptop shuts off. Plug the charger in.
    (2) Wait for battery charge LED to turn from steady orange to steady blue
    (3) After LED turns steady blue, turn machine on and immediately start tapping the  F2 key to enter the BIOS menu
    (4) In the BIOS MAIN tab make sure the F12 boot and D2D options are still enabled.
    (5) Press F10 to save settings and exit.
    (6) Press and hold power button again till the machine shuts off.
    (7) Turn machine back on and immediately press and hold the ALT key while tapping the F10 key
    (8) A reset menu should appear. Choose troubleshooting to reset the machine to factory fresh while trying to save your personal files.

    If you still get no reset screen and the F12 boot option doesn't work, then re-enter the BIOS to set and save a supervisor password in the BIOS SECURITY tab. Then re-enter the BIOS with the password and disable secure boot. Save settings again. Then try the ALT+F10 reset again or use the F12 USB boot option again
    Jack E/NJ
  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,384 Trailblazer
    >>>>cannot answer the following my thread with this error message "Body is 9 characters too short"

    Hopefully Jack E find this message. Thank you!

    Hi Jack,
    Thank you so much for your suggestion.
    Your last suggestion (BIO Security) started the resetting process, but I went to bed when it was 65%. This morning when I booted it, it took a long time (spinning with Acer logo), but went to "Your PC ran into a problem..." blue screen and shut it off by itself.

    Now because I followed your first suggestion, F12 works (I can select W10 USB thumb drive), but it doesn't boot from it, and goes to the same blue screen and shut off.

    Thank you again and any more suggestions?>>>>

    ALT+F10 often fails on the first and second attempts. Try it again.
    Jack E/NJ
  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,384 Trailblazer
    >>>Thank you Jack,Now nothing (ALT+F10 / F12 boot from USB) works. It just spins for several minutes (Acer logo and spinning) and goes to blue screen, then shut it off by itself. It's still a decent PC, and I'd like to save it, but it looks like some kind of hardware problem?>>>

    Does the blue screen have any error messages. If not, boot from the USB stick and try to get to the command prompt option in troubleshooting.
    Jack E/NJ
  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 42,384 Trailblazer
    Congrats on your success. Thanks for reporting back. Try the ACER chipset and io drivers first. If still some yellow warnings then try downloading and installing DriverBooster and/or DriverPack freeware tools to see if they can pick up any better drivers on line.
    Jack E/NJ
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