How to connect multiple displays to a Nitro 5?

Joey1494 Member Posts: 1 New User
My Wife recently started to work from home and she is wanting to connect another monitor to her brand new Nitro 5. They say its pretty common sense but I cant figure it out.


    DAMIL Member Posts: 1 New User
    I have some problem… Maybe usb 3.1 to hdmi??? ( the blue )???
  • Leostat
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    So on the side of the laptop should be one HDMI port , you can use that to connect to most monitors, or get an adapter to change it from hdmi to what your monitor supports 

    If you need more than two displays, you need to use a display link product, these work by running a display over one of the USB3 ports and come either as a dock, a dongle , or a full screen :) 
  • Easwar
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    Hi @Joey1494,

    1. Plug a monitor into your video port. ...
    2. Click the Start Menu and select Settings.
    3. Click System.
    4. Click the drop down box under and choose one of the following: Duplicate - You will see the same on both screens. ...
    5. Click Apply to save the changes.
  • CananMichael
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    I had same issue.  I purchased</ this-

    Plugged the device into the left side (USB 3.0) and it worked instantly.