TPM missing in BIOS after Secure Boot factory reset - Acer Nitro 515-52

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Hi everyone,

I've read everything I can online so in my futile struggle, I've decided to post here for help.

I'm not that familiar with TPM yet, so I tinkered with the options so I can install Windows 11 (I have a Windows 10 key and could have just upgraded but I wanted a clean install.)

On my Acer Nitro 515-52 laptop, I've set a supervisor password in the BIOS so the Secure Boot options would be editable.

Then I pressed enter on the following not knowing what it would do 

- Erase all Secure Boot Setting
- Restore Secure Boot to factory default
- Clear TPM 

Then the following options disappeared:

- Current TPM State
- Change TPM State
- Clear TPM

Now even when Secure Boot is enabled in the BIOS, the Windows 11 installer cannot proceed. The system also cannot detect the previous TPM 2.0 it had before- I checked tpm.msc using Windows+R. TPM is nonexistent.

Have I done something undoable that would prevent my laptop from having TPM 2.0 again, in turn it won't be able to install Windows 11? I'm at my wits end here.

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  • billsey
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    You need to go back into the BIOS Security tab and change the entry to:
    Change TPM (TCM) State: [enable]
    Save and exit, then reboot. That should change the Current TPM (TCM) State entry to install.
    You don't need to disable Secure Boot in order to install Windows 11, you don't need to generate a supervisor password.

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  • Bedoo00281
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    I have the same problem up there the tpm option is missing in bios 
    So i have updated my bios to get it back but it didn't work 
    What should I do to get it back
  • billsey
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    @Bedoo00281 do you have exactly the same model? If not please start a new thread (use the Ask a Question button), include your full model number, what you are seeing and what you have tried so far.
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  • padgett
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    If the TPM in SECURITY  says TPM STate   (Installed)
    Also there are boxes under BOOT that should say:
    Boot Mode:     (uefi)
    Secure Boot    (Enabled)
  • Frozen_Buffi
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    The person said he has no tpm setting, that is, no access to tpm. I have an acer an515-53 and I have no tpm setting in the security tab.

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