Can I replace my motherboard without changing processor and graphic card? A515-51G-58VH

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So, suddenly my notebook (A515-51G-58VH, Acer Aspire 5) started to disarm itself as soon as I turned it on.

At first I thought the problem was with the keyboard and it's integrated power button because I have found that typing anything continuously would allow it to turn on normally as long as a kept typing. I thought it was a continuous signal from the power button that I interrupted while typing, something like that.

I took it to an assistance near home (well recommended by Google) and they found that the motherboard had a short circuit. They ordered a new piece (don't know which one) to fix it but it didn't solve the problem.

They told me this today saying that the whole motherboard needs to be replaced but they don't have that model to order on their supplier.

Now I need to know it it's possible to change only the motherboard without changing the processor, graphics card or RAM. If it's possible I'll probably send it to the authorized assistance in another state (I live in Brazil, Acer has only one authorized assistance in the whole country. Never would buy one if I knew that).

Thanks is advance and also, if anyone has any observation to make about the whole situation I would like it.