Memory Upgrade for Aspire One A150 with KAV10 Motherboard

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I am new to this forum and did not realize that the text box was hiding below the search window as I typed in the subject line. So I had to edit this post.  Once again, my question is that Acer states on its website that you should not go by the motherboard desgination (KAV10, full number KAV10 L03), to determine the memory module for upgrading memory. They stated that you can upgrade the A150 with 2GB of DDR2 667 memory.  Well, when I went to the Crucial Website and also chatted with the representative, they state that they could not recommend 2GB for this system due to their site not recommending it.  Has anyone else come across this?  I have open the system up and it has a separate slot and easy access to the memory module.  Everything looks as though it can take the 2GB of memory.  Any suggestions?  By the way I have already used the software check and it comes up with A150 designation.



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    This is not a solution.  I had to edit both post.  I still would like an answer from the forum if possible.  Thanks,

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