Aspire S7-191 SSD upgrade

Parvis Member Posts: 1

can you upgrade the 128 GB that came with pc with 512 GB if so what is the dimension of the drive you should get?


  • jeffzimm
    jeffzimm Member Posts: 5

    As of a few months ago, there didnt exist any 512GB drive that would fit into this machine. I looked into replacing the drive with a 256GB drive but the only one apparently that will fit is the one that's in the higher end s7-391 (13 inch). And the quote I received for that drive was about $700 which is ridiculous. So for now, I simply keep a 64gb micro sd permanently in the machine to increase the space. Supposedly 128 micro sd's will be avail by early fall and should be relatively affordable.

  • drdaddy02
    drdaddy02 Member Posts: 1

    Ok - so, if you do replace the 128GB HD with a 256GB HD - how do you get the Aspire S7 to recognize it?

  • jeffzimm
    jeffzimm Member Posts: 5

    Should be as simple as identifying it in the bios. You would either reload win 8 from scratch or you would "clone" the old drive over to the new one (using a cloning tool).

  • ScottyC
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    The easiest way to do it is to create recovery media using the the system you have now, and you could create a disk image while you're at it. Then swap the drives and load the recovery. Install Windows onto your new drive and then you can reload your backup. Easy process, and with SSD's it's quite fast.

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