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Who knows where to buy Acer Aspire R7 port converter?

hjhj Posts: 2Member

Who knows where to buy Acer Aspire R7 port converter?


  • irvirv Posts: 2Member

    What port are you trying to convert. I just order a USB to RJ45 from Amazon today.

  • ennepeennepe Posts: 3Member

    Since you two seem to be happy owners of a new R7 maybe you might be able to answer my question about the touchscreen: http://community.acer.com/t5/Notebooks-Netbooks/Who-knows-specs-of-Aspire-R7-Touch-Screen/m-p/88997/highlight/true#M18598

  • hjhj Posts: 2Member

    new Acer Converter Port, which aims to make the act of connecting to an external display, HDD, router, etc. Thank you very much for the help;

  • brianlaingbrianlaing Posts: 1Member

    I too would like to know when/where this accessory is available. Having the ability to add a second monitor (without having to use a USB monitor adapter) plus plug directly into Ethernet is a definite plus and is what this converter (according to the documentation in the box with the R7) is supposed to support.


    Does Acer have any idea when this product will be released?



  • R7TrekkerR7Trekker Posts: 1Member

    I spoke with Acer Support today and THEY couldn't tell me where to buy a cable.  The support tech said "it is a combo cable that can be bought at most any retailer", BUT could not tell what kind of port the "Acer Converter Port" is or provide me a linked example of one that would work; stating "we can't go to 3rd party retailers". 


    I did find this: http://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/30797/kw/acer%20converter%20port .  I am looking at it and it describes it as a "Mini DisplayPort cable", BUT it also says "is designed to connect to an Acer proprietary cable".  I have scowered the Acer Retail Store and they don't sell anything that closely resembles a Mini DisplayPort cable, much less one that will (from my manual) "connects to the Acer Converter Cable, allowing for easy connection to a LAN, an external display or an additional USB device."


    I am going to see what i can find outside, but ACER YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

  • jimpaige283jimpaige283 Posts: 3Member

    I have Acer m5-48aPT-6488 and  use 2 Toshiba DynaDock USB 3.0 -- at home and at work.  


    Connects from Acer via USB 3.0 and can drive DVI  & HDMI external monitors from the DynaDock (plus another hdmi ext monitor direct from laptop); run ext mouse, ext keyboard and Internet from the DynaDock USB 3.0


    I bought both used on Amazon for around $120 delivered.  No issue with installation or running it (4 weeks now)


    Make sure you get the DynaDock USB 3.0   



  • steiner2steiner2 Posts: 1Member

    I too went back and forth with Acer support and the Acer store.The support first told me to get at a retailer.  Then, I told him it was a proprietary cable mentioned several places in the documentation that came with it. Then, they came back and said they found it and would send to me.  One week or so later, I received a wireless antenna.  I called them back and they said that no one knows when it will be available or how to get it.    The folks at the Acer Store don't know either and said the support folks would have to follow up. 


    I wish there was a way to speak with someone in management to address this.  How can you advertise an accessory and have no means of customers purchasing??? This is ridiculous....

  • JBBJBB Posts: 5Member

    I have been trying to find the same information.  An ethernet connection would be very helpful on the Aspire R7 given that the wireless connectivity through the Broadcom wireless adaptor is weak.

  • davidgreenedavidgreene Posts: 16Member

    Try it here:




    or you can go to amazon to order it.



  • JBBJBB Posts: 5Member

    I contacted Acer support, and Karen C with Acer America Online Support is sending me Acer Converter Cable part number NC.23811.016 for the R7.  I asked her why this part was not listed in the Acer Online store, but have not heard back yet.

  • SmurkSmurk Posts: 30Member

    Hey when you get it, do you mind taking a picture of it and putting it online, cause it´s probably a big three cable thing not worth buying

  • DennisTheMenaceDennisTheMenace Posts: 1Member

    Often just commonly known as a 'mini' (for miniport adapter) turns out this really is a familiar part...for most apple imac users! Although this version now sold by Acer probably won't solve most of our desires for gigabit ethernet it will be at least some good faith by them:http://store.acer.com/store/acerna/en_US/pd/productID.284931100/parentCategoryID.64485400/

    I searched through multiple pages on Amazon and only found one sold from the list that is 'Thunderbolt to gigabit ethernet': http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008ALA6DW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Not sure if Thunderbolt is compatible or not. Otherwise this multi-output video adapter is pretty cool or visit Fry's Electronics or any larger electronic parts supplier or check Cable Wholesalers on the web:


    Finally the best solution for wired ethernet is a usb3 adapter by startech that is also sold on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Gigabit-Ethernet-Network-Adapter/dp/B0095EFXMC/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1376588215&sr=1-1&keywords=startech+usb+3.0

  • JBBJBB Posts: 5Member

    Acer never sent me the Acer Converter Cable part number NC.23811.016 for the R7, so I can not post a picture. Karen C with Acer America Online support also did not reply to my query about why this part was not available in the Acer Online store.  I did order and receive the Acer USB to Ethernet Cable (white) SKU#AK.USBRJ.001 available in the Acer store in order to supply the R7 with an ethernet port and it is working fine and giving me expected download speeds.  (With a cable internet download speed of 16 Mb/sec, I had no need for a Gigabit ethernet adapter.)


    @DennisTheMenace, thanks for the info.  I am not sure that the proprietary Acer converter port is Thunderbolt compatible - I seem to remember reading in a review somewhere that it is not.

  • pamsvcspamsvcs Posts: 1Member

    First, as of this date Acer does not yet have the "3-In-1" Acer Converter cable that attaches to the proprietary Acer Converter port (see http://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/30837/~/frequently-asked-questions-on-the-aspire-r7-series#converter) for the Aspire R7.  According to Acer, it may be available "in a week" (Sept 2013).


    Second, it is probably more advantageous to use the Acer np.dck11.003 Universal USB 3.0 Dock available at a number of online and brick-and-mortar sources.  The Acer "3-in-1"  Converter cable provides "an Ethernet port, VGA port and an additional USB port", whereas the Acer np.dck11.003 USB dock provides:


    • USB docking station
    • LAN 10Mb LAN
    • 100Mb LAN
    • Gigabit LAN
    • for TravelMate B113
    • P243
    • P253
    • P453
    • P633
    • P643
    • P653
  • JBBJBB Posts: 5Member

    I just wanted to update this thread to indicate that USA Acer did send me the Acer Mini CP to VGA/LAN/USB Converter for the Acer Aspire R7 as promised - apparently shortly after it became available in the USA Acer store (http://store.acer.com/store/acerna/en_US/pd/productID.286529400).  I have not tested the VGA connection, but the ethernet and the USB connections work fine.  I also wanted to thank Acer for actually sending this converter free of charge after I enquired about the ordering information for this converter before it was available in the USA Acer store.

  • CorrosiveCorrosive Posts: 5Member

    Can you give any advice on the product? I am interested in picking one up but am not sure if its worth the buy. I already have a usb to eathernet cord so if you can maybe do a speed test on the eathernet connection too, that would be great! 

  • JBBJBB Posts: 5Member

    Hi, Corrosive,


    My internet connection is cable, with a download speed rated at 16 Mb/sec by my ISP, so my maximum download speed is not hugely fast and I'm not sure how helpful my information is.  Nonetheless, I have tested the download speed using the Acer Mini CP to VGA/LAN/USB Converter as the ethernet connection and get a download speed of 16.25 Mb/sec.  This is the same download speed that I get with the Acer USB (2.0) to Ethernet Cable (white) SKU#AK.USBRJ.001, also available in the USA Acer store. 


    So, with my cable internet, there appears to be no difference in ethernet download speed between the Acer mini CP converter and the USB to Ethernet cable.  I don't know if there would be a difference in speed with a higher maximum download speed.  Since the Mini CP converter is not listed as being a Gigabit ethernet adapter, it may not be any faster with higher max speeds than a 2.0 USB to ethernet adapter. 


    At least the mini CP converter doesn't use up one of the available USB ports.

  • AlexbbaAlexbba Posts: 1Member


    I bought separate converters instead, on Ebay, as:


    - USB to Lan RJ45 Network Card Adapter Ethernet External 10/100 Mbps FOR PC USB2.0


    - Mini DisplayPort DP Male to DP Female Adapter Converter


    But didn't find a mini display to USB (or to mini usb) converter (but the two availabe usb ports would be enough for now).



  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,258ACE Pioneer

    Be glad, be very glad. I have an Android tablet bought for MSRP from a major (not Acer). Before I bought it the user guide said "Supports HDMI/MHL connections to connect electronic devices to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and displays.". Then they said I needed an adapter that was not available. Two months later they redacted the user manual to remove the reference. Does "pound sand" have a meaning to you ?


    BTW for an additional monitor if you do not mind a bit of delay, a ChromeCast can use wireless to an HDMI TV/Monitor for $35. There is a way to mirror a desktop but you have to know where the button is for the extra menu.


    As to GBit RJ45, a good USB 2.0 adapter can do over 50Mb/s. To do more you need 3.0

  • lorax1284lorax1284 Posts: 1Member

    Acer is charging full retail price PLUS charging for shipping... makes it almost $50, which is kind-of excessive when the specifications for the Aspire V5 model I bought said that it had the RJ-45, VGA and 3 USB ports (implying that the Acer Converter Port was included). Acer isn't willing to do a thing to help me (like waive shipping) so I guess I'm looking elsewhere.


    Are there any US retailers that sell this?

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