Aspire 9423WSMi web cam drivers !!! FOR WINDOWS 7

quovadis Member Posts: 27 New User

Strange this ....The model is not shown on the Acer website ...yet when giving them the seria lnumber and SNID they cannot find it either ?  Anyway I have got one ...and have upgraded it to windows 7 from Vista and its great ....BUT NO webcam ? Its a bison integrated camera in the screen ...any ideas where I can get the drivers ...where are Bison anyway ...cant find nothing on them ...any help appreciated






  • Juzzo
    Juzzo Member Posts: 117 Troubleshooter

    Well, Google gets you a TON of hits on those bison cameras.

    I searched around a little, did not see any drivers for W7.

    Google "Bison web cam drivers", you will get a lot to sort through.

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