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Connecting external display to C7 Chromebook

plectrum34plectrum34 Posts: 2Member

I'm having a problem connecting my C7 to an external monitor,I've tried 2 different monitors using both the HDMI and VGA connections and the identical problem happens in both cases.Here's whats happening:


After making the connection and powering up the C7,the desktop comes up just as it normally does,but in both the C7 and external monitors.However,the mouse arrow only appears in the external monitor.Then when I click on the Chrome icon the window pops up ONLY in the C7 monitor,the external monitor still just shows the empty desktop.The same thing happens when I click an MP3 or video file,the player only pops up in the C7 monitor.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • suniljpsuniljp Posts: 166Member

    Try changing the display settings.


    After you connect your Chrome device to an external monitor, you'll be able to extend or mirror your desktop and arrange the displays. Click on the external display section of the status area to open the Manage displays dialog box, where you can identify displays or adjust their orientation.



  • plectrum34plectrum34 Posts: 2Member

    Thanks so much for your reply.Actually,I was able to remedy the problem by pressing Ctrl F4,that synced up my external monitor and everything is working perfectly now.

  • DigitalChickDigitalChick Posts: 1Member

    I used the "Control F4" to sync up the Acer and my external monitor. It worked great. Is there a way to have the external monitor NOT be mirrored? i.e., can the mouse go back and forth between the two moinitors... giving me more desktop space? Thanks.



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