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Is the Acer A500 getting the new 4.1 jelly bean update ?

outcastoutcast Posts: 1Member

Im trying to find out if AcerA500 is going to get the new Jelly Bean update, i mean i dont see why not but i wouldlike to know if its going to happen .


  • Acer-TravisAcer-Travis Posts: 681Member

    Acer does not plan to update the A500 to Jelly Bean.

  • IconiaOwner12IconiaOwner12 Posts: 1Member



    Didn't know that screwing your customers was a part of the Acer business model.


    thanks for the 'support'. 



  • nuppienuppie Posts: 2Member

    Then I don't plan on purchasing any more Acer products.

  • jond777jond777 Posts: 1Member
    I own 2 a500"s and an a200, I wish I never would have bought them now ..
    I'm selling them and buying Samsung !!!!!!!
  • dan12039dan12039 Posts: 2Member

    completely unacceptable...acer is not a good company....very very poor...even the asus tf101 the first transformer will be updated to jelly bean...guess when all the owners of a500 upgrade to a different brand they'll wake up


  • ksevernksevern Posts: 2Member
    I talked my boss into buying these for the office and feel like a chump.
  • ksevernksevern Posts: 2Member
    Boo to Acer
  • SvartalfSvartalf Posts: 2Member

    Shame, really.  The A500 was one of the best tablets when you rolled it out...and you've fumbled things each step of the way, from locking it down tight to not providing Android 4.1.x or later.

    If this is beyond limits, I'd hate to think what the limits are...

  • SvartalfSvartalf Posts: 2Member

    RE Buying Samsung: I'll probably consider ASUS.  They're the most open and the most forward thinking of the bunch in the Android tablet space.


    To Acer: If you're upset about me talking about the competition in your forums, you should contemplate the why of what I'm doing.  I used to tell people this was a good choice.  But, with the expensive, limited docking station (What?  No HDMI out of it? That's CLUMSY!), the missed timelines on firmware, etc. you're more the non-play these days.

  • tpointontpointon Posts: 1Member

    Last time I'll ever buy an Acer product, nor recommend to anyone else.

  • simuloidsimuloid Posts: 1Member
    At least we got an answer. Yes, a disappointing answer, but an answer.
  • JaberJaber Posts: 1Member

    This is disappointing news. My A500 is barely a year old, and it's already outdated. 

    You know, we lay out good money for these things and trust that they'll be kept updated for a reasonable amount of time.  I feel a little cheated.  I love this little tablet, and I like Acer's hardware.  But questionable support will be a pretty big dealbreaker when it comes to making/recommending future purchases.

  • rbgiantfanrbgiantfan Posts: 1Member

    I'm thoroughly disgusted with this, which is why I'm resurrecting this thread.  I can't believe my wife's iconia a500 has no future upgrade. I'm glad I bought an ASUS TF701 for me this year.  It rocks!  Beautiful screen and super high performance.  It came with JellyBean but has already updated to Kitkat.


    I used to be a big fan of acer's.  We own 2 acer laptops as well as our iconia tablet.  I often suggested acer to friends when they were thinking of buying a PC, laptop or tablet.  This "end of the road" for the a500 is the end of me buying acer products.

  • roadwarrior796roadwarrior796 Posts: 273Member

    I agree 100%, I'm moving on from Acer too, their lack of concern over this and other issues means I'll now not buy nor recommend Acer anymore.

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