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Downgrade an Acer Aspire V5-471G pre-installed Windows 8 to Windows 7

lumineers01lumineers01 Posts: 11Member

I recently bought an Acer Aspire V5-471G and it comes with a pre-installed Windows 8 (i don't know if pro or not). I really want and I really need to switch to Windows 7 to get things going quickly. I have searched online to find solutions but I can't seem to get the right one. I haven't done anything to my laptop yet.


Here's what I have:

- a back up of OS and drivers in a flash drive through "ACER RECOVERY MANAGEMENT" (which allows you to create a back up on a USB drive and to reinstall applications and drivers. (which comes with the laptop, though I purchased the usb on the same store where I bought it as they insisted for me to have a back up copy of it)

- a Windows professional, with key Smiley Happy


I'm reading the manual and here's what it says that I find possible to install windows 7 without any fuss:




Acer recovery management allows you to create a back up on a USB drive, and to reinstall applications and drivers. Launch Acer Recoery Management by running the program from the Acer program group in Apps or just typing "Recovery" while you are in start. You can choose to restore the system from a factory default image or reinstall applications and drivers. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.



- does that mean I can just format my laptop, insert the flash drive that has my back up, choose reinstall applications and drivers, then install Windows 7? Or format, install Windows 7, insert flash drive and reinstall applications and drivers?


I am so confused. And I really need a solution to it soon! I work online and I really can't work. :-/


Please help!



  • Alan-LondonAlan-London Posts: 793ACE Pioneer

    You have made a backup to USB of your *Win8* drivers. You will need Win7 drivers once you have Wind7 installed.

    Your current USB will only be needed should you wish to reload Win8 at a later date. Also check to see if you need to backup apps to DVD (I required 1 x DVD and 1 x 16GB USB for Wiin8 backup.)


    See one of my replies on the subject here:







    (There are other good posts on this site too - just search.) 


  • lumineers01lumineers01 Posts: 11Member



    I actually have already searched online. And it kind of scares me that not everyone was able to move to Windows 7 smoothly. I checked your links, the instructions are pretty clear. I'm not an IT but I do understand it. Thanks for all the help.


    As to what I've researched, many had problem with their HDD, it can't be read by Windows 7 or something like that. Geez. I'm gonna this, still! THANK YOU! Smiley Happy


    PS: It looks like you have already done this for a couple of times? Smiley Happy

  • Alan-LondonAlan-London Posts: 793ACE Pioneer

    No, I've only done it once.

    I believe the reason some people have problems with their HDD is because they failed to disable 'Secure Boot' first. 'Secure Boot' ensures that a different OS can't be installed. It follows that an attempted Win7 install on a factory Win8 machine fails.


    So, to recap, the important steps are:


    1. Ensure you clear *ALL* passwords before you start. I can't stress this enough - just look at all the password related posts here!!!

       (I may be wrong but I think there is a chance that if you have a password set on your HDD (Locked) and you then format your drive you could  be sunk!)


    2. *Temporarily* set supervisor password to enable you to disable 'Secure Boot' if it is greyed out. Once disabled - CLEAR IT!!!


    3. Switch from UEFI to Legacy.


    4. Install Win7.


    5. Install Win7 drivers you downloaded earlier. (But use the Win8 nVidia - Win7 didn't work for me.)


    I did have to iron out the odd issue after installation but I guess I have been the only one affected as I have seen no posts relating to my issues here! In particular, I did encounter an occasional 10 second or so freeze. I tracked that down to an Intel driver problem which was easily fixed by a registry edit. (Intel changed their driver but forgot to add a couple of subsequently required registry keys Doh!)


    In a nut shell, that's just about it but do read the posts again just to ensure you are comfortable with each step of the process.


  • darrendarren Posts: 4Member

    Im currently using a V-571G with windows 8. I have backed up the Recovery partition...my query..


    -Should i downgrade to windows 7(64 any editions..) how do i get all the drivers up and running?

    -What will be the best way to downgrade it to windows 7, will the steps you have provided on the previos post apply to the same model?


    Any help will be greatly appricated, This unit has great power, but i feel windows 8 is slowing it down.

  • Alan-LondonAlan-London Posts: 793ACE Pioneer


    I don't see any reason why you should have any problems. However, do bear in mind that I have an M5 and have no experience with other models so my comments are purely supposition. That said, I feel confident that upgrading your model to Win7 will succeed. Just ensure you avoid silly pitfalls by reading the many posts here before you begin.


    First things first:

    While Win8 is still running, check to see which hardware you have and download the correct Win7 drivers for Bluetooth, TouchPad and Wireless. Download all other required drivers and apps for Win7 on to USB - just makes the installation that much easier.


    nVidia - I suspect you will need to download the Win8 drivers, Win7 drivers won't (may not) install. I believe this is due to the Win8 BIOS - don't be tempted to load the Win7 BIOS!! It is not necessary plus it makes things a lot easier if you decide to go back to Win8 in the future.


    In summary, read the many excellent posts here and you shouldn't be caught by the few 'Gotchas'!

    Do ensure that ALL BIOS passwords are cleared before you format your drive.

    It is really not that difficult. Enjoy Windows 7!!! Smiley Happy


  • gabs1220gabs1220 Posts: 1Member


    Will you assist me in finding the drivers for windows 7. My laptop is Aspire V5-571P. I have the hardware documentation

    thanks and kind regards,


  • Alan-LondonAlan-London Posts: 793ACE Pioneer


    There doesn't appear to be any Win7 drivers available for the V5-571P.
    However, the Win8 driver set for the V5-571P is (with one minor version exception for Intel VGA) the same as the Win8 set for the V5-571 version so these variants would appear to be the same.

    The V5-571 does have Win7 drivers available.

    It follows that the Win7 drivers for the V5-571 ought to work with your 'P' version.

    I assume your model, having the 'P' suffix has a touch screen. There doesn't appear to be a Win8 or Win7 driver for this so I would assume Windows manages it.

    If this is the case then hopefully it will be the same for Windows 7 too.

    I would try the driver set for the V5-571 and keep my fingers crossed.

    If you wish to give it a go (at your risk) then...

    Go to Acer's download site:

    (or the site for your location if different)


    Select Ultra-thin > Aspire > Aspire V5-571 > Windows® 7 64-bit


    Make sure you select the correct drivers for your hardware of course!


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