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Bluetooth on/off toggle has disappeared under PC Settings~Wireless.WiFi toggle is still there though

bphabererbphaberer Posts: 3Member

Bluetooth capabilities have completely ceased to work on my Acer Iconia w700. I have recently updated   windows 8 and a refresh point did not fix the problem. Under PC Settings- Wireless, the bluetooth on/off toggle option has COMPLETELY DISSAPPEARED.On top of this, bluetooth settings on the desktop are also dysfunctional. PLEASE HELP!

This video on Youtube discusses how to set up bluetooth, BUT on my computer the bluetooth option under Wifi is gone. WHY!!!!! I have confirmed by means of using several other devices that have worked before  that bluetooth is indeed not working because they are unable to connect. This issue is definately less than 2 weeks old. Thanks!


  • bphabererbphaberer Posts: 3Member

    Open "Acer Ring" and use that bluetooth on/off toggle. This made the bluetooth toggle reappear back in PC settings. Weird Huh?

  • KaBoomzxcKaBoomzxc Posts: 3Member


    your next post indicated this " Open "Acer Ring" and use that bluetooth on/off toggle "

    i use Search Everywhere using charms, i could not find "Acer Ring" or "Bluetooth" !!


    The Bluetooth option has just dissappeared from PC Settings !!!!!!!

    Settings - PC Settings - PC and Devices - [BLUETOOTH TAB GONE]

    it has dissppeared from the taskbar too!!


    I have installed the Microsoft Bluetooth Sculpt Comfort Mouse

    it has irriratingly lost connection many times, but the connection would reconnect after awhile. but now the bluetooth option is gone and i could not reconnect my bluetooth device!!!

    refreshing and restarting my computer would not help!!


    Windows 8.1, Acer Aspire V7-582pg laptop! 

    Laptop is one month old and mouse is 2 weeks old!!

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,265ACE Pathfinder

    Is the Bluetooth icon visible in device manager ?

    If so, check for settings or driver errors. Might try reinstalling the driver

    If not look for a malfunction indicator or "unknown device" and search for a new driver

  • RandyVRandyV Posts: 37Member Troubleshooter

    Feel your pain -- I had this happen a long time ago under Win8 (has not happened since upgrading to Win8.1). You said you "recenly updated Windows 8" -- what did you update?


    IMHO -- it sounds like a driver issue.  So downloading and updating the drivers might be a good first step.


    Beyond that, see below.  I give no guarnatee about the steps written here, so try it at your own risk.  This is from memory.


    1. Check Device Manager and see if Bluetooth is listed.
    2. If Bluetooth is not listed, you may need to download and re-install the BT drivers from Acer.  Otherwise, go to the next step.
    3. If Bluetoosh is listed (it should be) expand that and look for a "Bluetooth USB Module" entry.
    4. Right-click on "Bluetooth USB Module" and choose "Uninstall".
    5. Once the BT device is uninstalled, restart Windows.
    6. Go back to Control Panel and open Device Manager again.
    7. Windows may or may not have automatically re-dected and re-install the BT USB module.  If it did, you should be set.
    8. If not, go to te Action menu and choose "Scan for Hardware Changes".  That should re-detect the BT module and re-install it.
    9. If 6 or 7 do not work, try downloading and re-installing the BT drivers from Acer or "the other" site.

    Again -- YMMV and try at your own risk (honeslty, there's no real risk in my mind -- uninstalling and re-installing a device is pretty straight forwrd). 


    As stated, I had this happen to me but it was a long time ago and I'm almost certain I had to de-install and then re-install the BT device.


    Good luck!



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