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Acer Iconia A100 wont start!!!


Last night I was using my Acer Iconia A100. It started hanging up, so i turned it off. However, it wouldn't start back up. It wouldn't go past the "Acer" screen. I did a factory data reset, paperclip reset? Still wont work! HELP PLEASE!!!


  • A100HELP_PLZA100HELP_PLZ Posts: 2Member

    My A100 tablet is stuck at the Acer screen. Warranty is expired. Cant even chat with Acer support. 


    Either you contact me IMMEDIATLY or I'm done with acer. This is the worst expreicne Ive has with any company. No support. No help. No recall. And its all Acer's emmc chip, which is their fault.




    Also I saw you give another guy a free fix for his tablet and he's not under warranty. 





  • drzewieckisrdrzewieckisr Posts: 1Member

    I have tried the reset with the paper clip. When I tried to reset with the volume arrow up button and the power, it shows that its trying to reset back to the factory data.  It shows the android symbol with something spinning in its chest, then the next picture shows it laying down with its chest open and a big red triangle and "!" in the triangle.  I do know that the warrenty has expired, but their should be someone that I could be able to call and talk to so that I can get this problem fixed.  I would hate to tell everyone in the military about the company for its customer service after I have told others that its a great device.

  • TabbiekatzTabbiekatz Posts: 760Member

    You can get through....just enter your SNID number at 1-800-816-2237 if you are in the US or Canada. You will talk to a technician who can help you.

  • ElizabethSElizabethS Posts: 845Member

    A100HELP_PLZ you have private messages waiting. Please click on the grey envelope in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

  • androidandroid Posts: 1Member

    My A100 tablet is having the exact same problems as A100HELP_PLZ after just over 1 year of use. It will only boot to the Acer logo. I have tried numerous methods like hard-reset. Can get to recovery menu, but can't select anything. There are multiple error messages including "Can't open /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 (No such file or directory)", "failed to mount /cache (No such file or directory)". After wasting many hours researching this problem on the internet, I believe these are all symptoms of the dreaded EMMC failure which can only be fixed by repairing the motherboard. It appears that for many people, this failure is happening just after the 1 year warranty expires. Now I can't even get customer support unless I pay for it, which I refuse to do because this is completely the fault of Acer. Why Acer has not provided a publicized fix or recall for this widespread problem, I do not know. I am now very concerned for my mother's A500 tablet which I bought her as well.


    Other companies that I have dealt with in the past have fixed products for free outside their warranty period when they know that they were responsible for releasing a faulty product. It's time for Acer to admit their mistake and offer an easy way to get free repairs for everyone with this problem even outside of warranty, as even the oldest tablets experiencing this problem are not even more than a couple years old, which is a ridiculously short lifespan for a tablet.


    I used to be quite pleased with the quality of the many Acer products I have purchased in the past. However, the ticking EMMC time bomb inside Acer tablets that almost seems designed to go off just after the warranty expiration is absolutely a low blow to the consumer. If I do not receive a free fix for this problem, I will not ever consider purchasing Acer products again and would gladly join in any class action lawsuit.


    ElizabethS, if you have a solution to my problem that would repair my A100 for free outside of warranty, please send me a message as well.


  • Phil-3Phil-3 Posts: 1,182Member Practitioner

    Hi android,


    I highly suggest that you follow the advice provided by Tabbiekatz a few messages prior to this one.


    Hope that helps!



  • dgraydgray Posts: 1Member

    BUT, not if your product warranty is expired.   You won't get past the recording.

  • ellenp21ellenp21 Posts: 1Member

    where do i find snid

  • nanner2unanner2u Posts: 2Member

    Help..... I have been tasked to repair an Acer A100 and it won't get past the Acer Iconia start up... When I reset it I got error messages.... What am I to do? Who do I call.... How do I fix this? This tablet is not very old and should not be DOA.... Any help is appreciated....

  • nanner2unanner2u Posts: 2Member
    Can you help me please?
  • truettentruetten Posts: 1Member

    My A100 died a month after purchase in 2012.  I sent it back under warranty and it was repaired after a couple weeks.  This morning it failed to get past the android logo.  I've tried all the DIY fixes will negative results.  I'm now out of warranty and refuse to pay for a repair on a clearly faulty product.  Either take care of it or lose me forever.

  • latrellmorrislatrellmorris Posts: 1Member
    I have the same problem with my Acer and the support team wants to charge me $269 or $199 to repair a problem that is there fault. This is really bad business and very poor professionalism. The right thing to do is to fix it free at least once . Then charge for further frpairs next time.
  • KaJaKaJa Posts: 7Member
    I'll second that.
    - They want around $250+ for repairing it almost twice the price of one on sale right now Smiley Sad
  • KBKB Posts: 1Member
    I called Acer support they wanted $$$ to fix this apparent defect with their product. The least amount was $29 for a 30 minute support call, which there was no guarantee it would work. Then I called the US corporate office the lady said they could fix it for $249 but would then charge $100 maximum. I told her I already paid for this device 2 years ago, I didn't think considering that it was only 2 years old and numerous people have had the same problem that I should 'pay' to fix a product defect, especially if I could purchase a new, similar tablet for not much more. I will never ever buy another product from this company nor recommend anybody else does, and I will do my best to dissuade people from buying an Acer products.
  • carongcarong Posts: 1Member

    I bought this tablet on 03.10.12  for my daughter for xmas and was not used until 25.12.12 as I bought it early its now out of warranty and will not get past the acer logo

    I have tried factory reset all I get is the android with something spinning in his chest then he falls down with a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it.

    Acer want £55.00 for a courier to collect and take away for it to be repaired it and Acer Support just say its corrupted and I need to take it for repair and another possible charge of £44.00 for repairs. Acer Support gave me an "out of warranty" helpline 0870 8531110 they said the same thing so I have escalated to a complaint so thats what we all need to do so on one else goes through this hassle again  


  • KaJaKaJa Posts: 7Member
    They were funny, to say it mildly, about my A100 not opening/waking up after locking me out, when I contacted them many month ago. Had tried the 3 finger reset and all other reset suggestions as mentioned in previous posts but none of that worked. Then they had the audacity to say that I return it for repairs (about $250 plus shipping) - - NO WONDER APPLE IS CAPTURING THE MARKET WITH THEIR RESPONSE AND SERVICE.
  • KaJaKaJa Posts: 7Member
    Yup. Your right about buying a new one for less. Our local Future Shop sells them for around $140
    At that price something must be wrong here :-((
  • KaJaKaJa Posts: 7Member
    Immediate comment above was/is directed to: carong, KB, latrellmorris.
    Any wonder why Google Nexus7 2013 is selling so well?
  • AcerSuxxxAcerSuxxx Posts: 1Member

    I agree. Who in their right mind would pay a boatload to repair this device or buy another after this major fail? Really bad for Brand Image. Really bad.

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