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How can I turn off the backlight for the S7 ultrabook keyboard?

Does anyone know how to do it?  there are certain low light conditions where having the backlight on makes the keys virtually impossible to read.

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  • HK53THK53T Posts: 767
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    user guide says Fn+U and FN+I will turn on/off

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  • HK53THK53T Posts: 767Member
    Accepted Answer

    user guide says Fn+U and FN+I will turn on/off

  • JimPuertoJimPuerto Posts: 3Member

    You're the best.  Thanks.  Just got the machine and am learning Windows 8...so where is the user guide?

  • SharanjiSharanji Posts: 4,025ACE Pathfinder



    To activate hotkeys, press and hold the Fn key before pressing the key in the combination.


    Fn+Q   Communication device toggle Toggles the WiFi, 3G and/or Bluetooth functions On and Off using a pop-up window.
    Fn+W   Sleep Puts the computer in Sleep mode.
    Fn+E    Display off Turns off the LCD back light
    Fn+R    Display toggle Switches the display output between the display screen, external monitor (if connected) or both.
    Fn+T    Touchpad toggle  Turns the touchpad On or Off.
    Fn+Y    Speaker toggle Turns the speakers On or Off.
    Fn+U   Decrease backlight brightness   Decreases the brightness of the keyboard backlight.
    Fn+I     Increase backlight brightness Increases the brightness of the keyboard backlight.
    Fn+U+I Backlight toggle Turns the keyboard backlight On or Off.
    Fn+O    Rotate Screen Rotates the image displayed on the screen.
    Fn+ Volume Up Increases the sound volume.
    Fn+ Volume Down Decreases the sound volume.
    Fn+ Brightness Down Decreases the screen brightness.
    Fn+ Brightness Up Increases the screen brightness.

  • SharanjiSharanji Posts: 4,025ACE Pathfinder

    For computers that shipped with Windows 8

    1. Press Windows (Image: icon_Windows8_key.png) key + Q
    2. Enter Acer in the search box
    3. Click on Acer User Manual or Acer Quick Guide




    The above Acer weblink has infromation on how to use windows

  • davedutahdavedutah Posts: 4Member

    Is there any way to adjust the ambient light threshold at which the keyboard backlight comes on? It comes on too soon on my S7-191, and makes the keyboard harder to read in dim light than if it just stayed off. I don't want the light to come on unless it is almost completely dark. Can that be adjusted?

  • TraidaTraida Posts: 5Member

    I would like to know this answer too.


    Question for the group:  how long does it take for the backlight to actually come on?  Mine has a 'soft on' look/feel that is actually really worthless.  Sometimes I can type entire sentences/search strings before the backlight even illuminates (5+ seconds).  Is this normal?  Thanks in advance.

  • TraidaTraida Posts: 5Member

    update to my last post:


    I chatted with Acer to better understand the keyboard backlight functionality.  I was told that a 'fade in' was normal.  I was further told that the 5 second pause I am experiencing between keystroke and initiation of that fade-in is normal (which I was pained to hear).  Finally, I was informed that there is no way to disable the fade-in feature and go to a "fast-on" mode.  Nor is there any way to disable the ALS or adjust the lighting level at which the keyboard is illuminated.  


    I guess for now I will just turn off the illumination and manually initiated it when needed.  In the pitch black setting there is usually enough light from my screen to display keys (at least when pages have a white backround like this forum).  Darker backgrounds will require the illumination I suppose and then I'm at the mercy of the lackluster backlight features.


    I hope this helps someone else :-)

  • juankgayajuankgaya Posts: 7Member


    I just bought a new Acer Aspire S7  . Ive been using the laptop for 2 days abd I have realized that the keyboard backlight has never been on .

    I have tried several tricks to turn on the light but nothing seems to work


    key Fn + U + I   ,  Fn + I

    Reset battery

    Reset default configuration on the BIOS

    Change power options to high performance


    I have been always ina  dark room . I just cant make this ligth to turn on


    I have read that this model of laptops have been presenting these issues very frecuently.  Im so dissapointed with ACER


    Can somebody help me on this please???


  • GaneshpaigGaneshpaig Posts: 1Member

    While most of the key stroke combinations mentioned by you work, I am unable to increase the brightness of my keypad backlighting

  • ken51937ken51937 Posts: 1Member

    I just got my S7 393 a week ago and was shock to find out that the keyboard backilight is fade out after the keyboard ideal for about 10 seconds and the only way to get it back is pressing some keys. I asked Acer's help desk and they said there are solution for this.


    If one has to use the backlight because he works in dark room, he will definitely need it on all time. And it is necessary to dim the backlight, the way to turn it back on should be simple such as moving fingure on touchpad or mouse because pressing key may effect your work ( if you are reviewing some word file and the you need to press some key which may effect your file ). The " fade in " setting is also not logic since it causes user to wait for the light resume.


    Conserving energy is good but should not take away working efficiency and fuctionality. The scheme may make sense when using in battery mode. But when you are working with AC power, there s no reason that the backlight should be turn off.


    Acer should take immediate action to change this automatic backlight scheme and let user has full control of this feature.

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