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keyboard functions

herminebhermineb Posts: 1Member

I am not able to access the Question mark on my keyboard.  My keyboard is AcerKB36211.  also the upper keys with numbers and symbols.  I use the at symbol exclamation mark etc.  These are printed in white and instead I get the symbol printed in blue.  Each key has three to 4 functions.  I need to be able to access the symbals. 


  • LehoLeho Posts: 525Member


     I had the same problem. In my case I found that the Left (ALT+SHIFT) will toggle SOME (including the question mark) of the white/blue key functions.

    Acer Support was not helpful, Smiley Happy I think that they had trouble understanding either white-key or blue-key English.

    I took the coward's way out and selected my keyboard language as US English and now ignore the blue alternates.


  • Mr_HelperMr_Helper Posts: 129Member


    Please try with the visual keyboard and tell me if the issue persists or not

    -To access to visual keyboard press WIN + U

    Awaiting your responses

  • LehoLeho Posts: 525Member


    What Herm and I are referring to is the physical Keyboard.  Some of the keys have alternate (blue) characters on them. The difficulty is with respect to accessing the blue alternate characters and getting back to the normal white characters at will.

    The virtual keyboard is very simplistic and does obviously not have blue alternate characters and is therefore not pertinent to this discussion.

    Thank you for your interest.


  • Mr_HelperMr_Helper Posts: 129Member


    I don't understand exactly what you want guys .

    Anyways to use the blue symbols we press  fn + desired symbol













  • LehoLeho Posts: 525Member

    Mr H

    Neat idea but the KB36211 keyboard does not have an fn key.  Further, based upon my epic exchange with Acer Support, Acer doesn't know how to toggle between blue and white alternate characters on this keyboard either.


  • derainville2004derainville2004 Posts: 2Member

    sometimes i cannot access my symbols or slashes because the key board locks into the uppoer symbols or the symbols in blue, how do i change myself back to the regular keyboard and how did i cause this to happen, i cannot get the at for email right now all i can get is the blue to ther right of at 

  • derainville2004derainville2004 Posts: 2Member

    OK, IF I DO NOT WANT SYMBOLS AND JUST THE WHITE KEYS AND NOT THE BLUE KEYS, do i click on Fn to get out...i`m thinking i clicked on Fn and accidently accessed this annoying blue keys and now i cannot use at for emails etc. 


  • LehoLeho Posts: 525Member


    This issue seems to be dependent upon keyboard models.  Only suggestion I can offer is for you to do a search here and under Notebooks, using search terms such as keyboard, blue, green  etc.  It is possible,and hopefully likely that one of the previously offered solutions will work for your keyboard.

    If you do solve your problem, please post your solution along with keyboard model, computer model and OS.  This might be of help to the next one of us with the same problem.


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