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ICONIA W510,how to reinstall windows 8 with recovery DVD

ICONIA W510 model how to reinstall windows 8 with recovery DVD


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  • targa72targa72 Posts: 25Member

    System recovery will erase all the data in the tablet. Please backup the data before following the steps.

    On the Iconia Tab W510 models with 32 GB internal storage you need to use the supplied Recovery DVDs to re-install Windows 8.

    You will need the following items to follow the below steps:
    · External USB DVD drive with AC Adapter. An external drive powered via the USB port will not work.
    · USB Mouse

    Use the following steps to reinstall Windows 8:

    1. Put your Iconia Tab W510 into its docking station.
    2. Connect the powered external DVD drive to the mini-USB port on the tablet. Use the supplied USB converter          cable.
    3. Connect the USB mouse to the USB port on the docking station.
    4. Insert the disk labeled System DVD into the DVD drive.
    5. Power on the system. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately press the F2 key or the DEL key if you have a desktop, to enter the BIOS.
    6. Tap Security, and then choose [Set] to create a Supervisor password.
    7. After your password is set, select Boot, then select Enabled and choose Disabled to disable secure boot.
    8. Tap Main, than tap F12 Boot Menu. Change the Boot Menu setting to Enabled.
    9. Press the F10 key to save changes and restart the system.
    10. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately press the F12 key to enter the Boot Menu.
    11. Select the DVD Drive, and press ENTER.
    12. After the system recovery program has loaded follow the prompts to reinstall the operating system.

    13. Some systems require more than one Recovery Disc. If this is the case, insert the next Recovery Disc in the sequence, when prompted.

    14. If prompted to reinsert the System Disc, please so.

    15. Note: Some systems may not require this step.

    16. Once the reload is complete, the system will prompt for all Discs to be removed and the system will reboot.

    Note: In the recovery environment, you cannot use the touch screen or the keyboard and touchpad of the docking station. You will need to use the USB mouse to make your selections.

  • ukhayukhay Posts: 1Member

    bagai mana cara mengintal win8 untuk iconia w510 saya sedangkan cdnya hilang apakah bisa pakai windows 8 untuk pc...? mohon di bantu ya

  • ElizabethSElizabethS Posts: 845Member Practitioner

    Hello ukhay

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  • ukhay wrote:

    bagai mana cara mengintal win8 untuk iconia w510 saya sedangkan cdnya hilang apakah bisa pakai windows 8 untuk pc...? mohon di bantu ya

    Google translates as: like which way to Iconia w510 Win8 installs while the CD is lost if I could use Windows 8 for pc ...? help please on ya


    Yes, you can install the normal Windows 8. You will have to also install the drivers from Acer though, so be sure to download them first.


    Ya, Anda dapat menginstal Windows 8 yang normal. Anda harus juga menginstal driver dari Acer meskipun, jadi pastikan untuk men-download terlebih dahulu.

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  • a) any USB keyboard and mouse will work.

    b) I use a powered USB hub (under U$20) instead of a powered DVD player, that can have wider use than just a powered DVD. (Gear Head 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub for Mac (AC Power Adapter) (UH7250MAC))


    All Clover Trail tablet are marginal on USB power, hopefully the Bay Trail ones can afford more. Wonder when Acer will announce their Bay Trail(s) ? Would rather not have to buy a Dell or Toshiba for development.

  • kw5129kw5129 Posts: 6Member
    Hi all... I just bought a used w510 without keyboard dock from my friend... I want to re install the Windows 8,can I re install without the keyboard dock?or even without the USB DVD?
  • DamrealDamreal Posts: 123Member

    of course depends on what model do you have ....If you go to the Live Tiles /all apps and scroll to the right ( oe type in the search - Acer recovery Management ) If you have the click it and follow the steps

  • kw5129kw5129 Posts: 6Member
    Can I use below method to create a bootable USB pendrive and do re install with pen drive instead of external DVD drive?

  • targa72targa72 Posts: 25Member

    If you have a DVD unit on your desktop you don’t need to buy a USB DVD player. Get a IDE/SATA to USB 2.0 Cable Adapter, these can be found on Ebay for under $5 US. I’ve had one for over 6 years and used it on both my ASUS netbook and Acer W510.

    You need two USB units (DVD player and USB mouse) to install an ISO version of windows. You could try using a USB port splitter (also on Ebay for under $5 US), because of the tablet having only a single USB port. I’ve never tried one of these so can’t tell if they work. 

  • I just use a USB hub - plain 4 port unlit for just keyboard, mouse, and Flash or Workspace drive, or a 7 port powered hub if need to run an 120 GB SSD, 250 GB rotating, or CD/DVD/BluRay drive or GPS.

  • kw5129kw5129 Posts: 6Member
    It's me again..I had done all the steps until step 10 ... but under my boot menu... it only show me Windows boot manager which I don't have others option such as CD rom or DVD rom
  • targa72targa72 Posts: 25Member

    Verify the BIOS settings are correct. This time entering the BIOS should require your supervisor password, if it doesn’t then try resetting it per step 6. Now on the BOOT page verify the “Secure Boot’ is [Disabled] then on the MAIN page verify the “F12 Boot Menu” is [Enabled].


    Before you do all this does your W510 even see your USB DVD player? Also does the DVD player use an external power sources for electrical power.


  • BTW only the "System Disk" will boot or be recognised as bootable, not the "Recovery Disk".

  • kw5129kw5129 Posts: 6Member

    yes...i did and check everything...but the dvd rom still doesnt appear Smiley Mad

  • kw5129kw5129 Posts: 6Member

    meaning i need to insert the system disk into dvd rom after that only go to boot menu?


    actually which dvd i should use to reinstall windows?recovery disk or system disk?

  • Yes: the boot disk needs to be in the player for it to be recognised.


    OK first the system disk is the only one that will boot.

    Second after boot is the DVD appearing in File Explorer ? Need to make sure it is visible

    Third is the DVD self powered or are you using a powered hub ? They do not work reliably if powered by the W510.

  • spoonerspooner Posts: 4Member

    I've just successfully reinstalled OS on my Iconia W510 tablet using Samsung DVD player powered from USB port, so it's NOT entirely true that you need a drive with dedicated power supply.


    Another note is to Acer - why didn't you include keyboard and touchpad drivers on the system CD? I'm pretty much sure this could be done.

  • Must have been a low power unit. I find it easier to be sure and use a powered hub. Would not want a power sag in the middle of an install.

  • kw5129kw5129 Posts: 6Member

    guys...reinstall problem was solved...i send to acer service centre and ask them to reinstall for me


    but now comes another problem which is before i send to service centre...my tablet has 22 gb free storage...but after reinstall it become 16gb and after minus the windowsmsystem file...it just has 2gb left...and i find out there is a software called acer recovery management isntalled in my tablet...is it the storage become lesser because of that software?

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