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Acer Iconia A100 and A500 Failure to Boot

Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

We understand that many of our valued customers are still experiencing issues with their Iconia A100 or A500 tablets.

If you have an Iconia A100 or A500 which is failing to boot or is frozen and/or stuck at the boot screen, there is a knowledge base article that we would like you to review and use: My Android Tablet will not boot

If, after reviewing and executing the recommendations in this article, you are still encountering issues, you will need to contact your local Acer service center.

For those customers in the United States and Canada who have issues contacting support, please use the Fix My Acer website to set up service for your system.


  • bubbalv29bubbalv29 Posts: 2Member

    I've tried that. It won't let me get past the part where I enter the information about my tablet because it says it's out of warrenty. I know this, annd i know whats wrong, but I can't submit a request for repair.


  • z88z88 Posts: 1Member

    Acer man ----- would you please to tell us that it is a hardware failure (from what I have read mostlikely the NAND flash memory failure) and only solution is to replace the motherboard,  if you can confirm this I can live with buying a motherboard from Ebay and replace the failed one!!!!



  • madmummadmum Posts: 1Member

    Okay - thank you for that advice.  I did what you suggested, and although the Tablet made a buzz, it just remained on the Acer screen.  What next?

    I did send Acer an email asking a question about the problem.  The response told me I would hear from you within 24 hours.  I still haven't heard a word.  Why???

  • luweedluweed Posts: 5Member

    the reason why we dont hear back from acer is because they received our money they dont care less about annythig else

  • ericvonrobertsericvonroberts Posts: 1Member
  • teeleeteelee Posts: 1Member
    I tried to set up a repair for my tablet but I know the purchase date is wrong but cannot find my receipt. I just bought it Aug 2012 and it saying Dec of 2011 for it. I know this because we bought 2 about a week apart. One of them shut off and now when you turn it on, the lights come on but the screen stays black Smiley Sad I called the support number and was promptly told to 'find a local shop' which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't live out in the country
  • JeffSaxtonJeffSaxton Posts: 1Member

    Beginning a couple of days ago, I too am experienceing the boot problem on my A500 and all attempts to reset have failed.  I assume that you will resolve this issue at no charge as you have done for others once I provide my SNID?  Should I provide it via this forum or through some other channel?

  • ThadokinThadokin Posts: 1Member

    I'm running into the exact same issue as a number of people. My Tab A500 froze up on me yesterday and when I did a hard reset it's now stuck on the Acer splash screen and won't move past. I've tried both manual reset methods and the problem still exists. Is Acer going to repair these units for free since this appears to be a defect in the product?

  • jackschrijjackschrij Posts: 6Member

    same problem here with mine iconia A100 tap it gets stuck at the acer sceen.

    i have manege to get a screen with a androit avatar lying on it's back with a ! in a red triangel.

    with yello text that there is not sutch directory , and some boot failure text aswell

    pleace acer help i am realy desparet..................Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad

  • jackschrijjackschrij Posts: 6Member

    done this http://panam.acer.com/acerpanam/tablets/2011/Acer/ICONIATab/ICONIATabA500/IconiaTabA500faq52.shtml dit not work.......................................................Smiley Sad


  • luweedluweed Posts: 5Member

    hi did you upgrade to the new firmwhere?

  • jackschrijjackschrij Posts: 6Member

    not that i know of it just stopt working and froze, so i resetted it and it stopt working compleet.

  • jackschrijjackschrij Posts: 6Member

    ty guy's for your support there whas nothing els i could then send it back to acer for a repair because it is a strucktual fould in the hardwear ore software who els is better in the repair then it's own maker.

    hope it will com back fully repaird and reddy for use again.

  • Ralph23Ralph23 Posts: 1Member

    I had the problem 2 weeks ago and its a shame that there is no soloution out there that worked for me. Incidentally, my friend as well had the same exact problem ?? why on earth, it made me mad, it is not fair to have this. I can't do much now its out of warranty and a tablet lifespan of less than three years is ridiculous, simply unimpressed, just caused me tons of stress looking on youtube and blogs for solutions, feels ACER had wasted my money. be honest cause I don't think a frozen logo can be fixed with a reset volume lock rotation, two of us tried that.

  • amdfalconamdfalcon Posts: 1Member

    Yep same here A500 tablet wont boot this morning stuck on Acer or android screen. Tried hard reset. Only 2 years of life out of a tablet is crazy.

    As its probably a memory failure, there will be a heap of these devices failing everyday. Lucky its outside warranty period eh Acer Man Wink

  • jackschrijjackschrij Posts: 6Member

    i send my tab to acer to look it over , they tel me that the repairbil would be in a order of €190,- and that it whas a cosumer damage ???

    so i had to pay the whole amound myselfs this is craizy.

    i could do 3 things : 1. let it repair for €190,-

                                   2. not repair it and pay look over cost €60,- and still have a defected tab

                                   3. leave it with them and they get dipose of it in the ride way

    so al with al you always end up with nothing and they have all ..........................................Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad


  • abogarciaabogarcia Posts: 1Member

    How about my view this originally in Spanish and I use the google translator.
    I have the same problem I'm from mexico, my tablet lock and other occasions acer logo starts with the android green monkey standing and then lying down with red triangle above his stomach open. I followed all procedures outlined in internet, without any results. Only two years I will meet with my acer iconia tablet A500 is a 16 gb is not possible, that same day buy an ipod touch, it still works perfectly.
    My tablet lead to a licensed care center in my town, at first I said it may be software problem or motherboard, the first thing should be arranged for 500 pesos approximately 40 U.S. dollars, but if the failure is the motherboard, was unaffordable replace it, so I left my device to review and speak to them in three days, this day frame them and tell me that the problem was in the motherboard and that it was unaffordable, better buy a new one, since the card price was 4,000 pesos, about $ 320, so I said they could go through my device and pay the review of 190 pesos, about 15.20 dollars. It is absurd that as a failure of acer, have to pay by check your problems as many of us do not think we all have some blame, indicates that such a coincidence is acer problem. Community Help please, it's a lot of investment for a brick.

      Respectfully, I demand more attention acer staff personnel, to proceed to the following:
    1. to call a global review and composure of the device,
    2. to reintegrate the cost of review to those already paid and did not get under and for those who have not yet paid and tablet to collect, they indicate its licensed centers that deliver the tablets with the problem solved without charge.
    3. Turn in the software or hardware environment has improved without any general failure.
    Everything is possible if we continue adding the call to service and big companies have done, out of respect to the consuming client and their own institutional principles.
    Also I make a call to the authorities which lie acer offices to discuss the problematic and substantial progress is made in respect to consumer rights.
    We are making techniques but what is happening with all the comments in this post and elsewhere on the Internet, can be an indicator that it is a flaw in the product of the company.

    I will not give up to achieve revive my tablet.

  • tabrucetabruce Posts: 2Member
    This is a copout there are thousands of people in the community that are having this problem just under different threads using other words to describe the problem it is something Acer should fix. Not send us to pay even more money. Please figure out a fix for all of us instead of dropping it in the laps of customers who will not return to buy again. I would rather pay for another brand than pay that much to repair.
  • LADLAD Posts: 1Member
    These are the same solutions we have all been told. IT DOESN'T FIX THE PROBLEM!! Come up with a REAL solution. My tablet was out of warranty by one month when this happened. I expected it to last for more than a year for God's sake!!

  • mehrzad666mehrzad666 Posts: 1Member

    i have bought A500...and after 1 year the acer logo comes up and then nothing....it freezed!...is the problem from motherboard?

    is it a hardware issue or a software????

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!



    [removed potentially hazardous script]

  • billobillo Posts: 1Member

    My A500 will only boot to the android screen. I have done a hard reset, tried everything I have gotten from Google but nothing works. My A500 is not yet two  years old, other than sending it in for repair what can be done? I can buy a new one for the repair will cost or better yet buy an Ipad or other tablet.

  • luweedluweed Posts: 5Member
    Yes definitely buy another tablet I highly recommend this.
  • craftsmancraftsman Posts: 2Member

    We have a small computer repair shop in southeast Wisconsin.  One woman brought in an Acer Iconia A100 that was about 1 1/2 years old but had recently shown the symtom of getting stuck on the start screen.  After we had looked at it for a few days and researched many of the comments on this forum, the tablet completely died.  Before we got to the point of pricing replacement mother boards for our customer, I told our customer about one post I had read on the forum.  One person reported that they went on the Acer Facebook page to complain about the rebooting problems (even though this person's tablet was out of the warranty period).  Well, our customer followed through on posting about her tablet problem (now completely dead following being stuck on the opening screen) and she was pleasantly surprised: Acer told her they would fix the tablet for free, even though it was out of the warranty period!  So, I guess that shows you that companies could really care less if customers complain on their technical forums (nerdy, boring, etc.), but when customers go to social media the big businesses give you whatever you want.

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