How to install Linux on N4680GT

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I have spent days trying to install some Linux distros on my Acer N4680GT. But all in vain. I have not been able to find out how to get the pc into Legacy mode, which I think is necessary for the pc to accept the Linux installations - either on the NVme-ssd or or on a supplementary SATA-ssd. When I boot an usb-installation media with a linux-iso it just sees itself - not any of the media on the pc. HELP urgently wanted - it is driving me mad.


  • billsey
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    You don't need to go into Legacy mode, that hasn't been required for many years now. Just go into the BIOS and enable the boot menu, then boot with F12 to get a choice of boot environments. Since your system is Intel based you might have to switch out of IRST or VMD mode for the Linux installer to recognize the drive, since the Linux kernel folks won't implement IRST drivers.

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