my acer aspire1 a114-31 just turns on and the screen is purple

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i don't know what to do and i just need to know if anyone can help it's a acer aspire 1 a114-31

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  • StevenGen
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    The symptoms that you are experiencing with our Aspire1 A114-31 is because of a faulty eDP cable that is ether the cable is broken or its plugs that connect to the screen and mainboard could have its data or power pins care damaged and have shorted out or it could also be that the screen is faulty and giving you that purple image. You need to take your Aspire1 A114-31 to either Acer in your country or an experienced technician that can analyze your laptops screen issues and pinpoint exactly what is wrong, this can only be fixed by a technician and there is NO settings that will remedy this problem. Good luck.

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