aspire 3 315a-54 windows11. camera not working

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i yried to update bios for camera. i get this message: please check camera vid/pid. also i cant see camera on device manager.


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    There is a firmware update for the Tech-Front camera on the Aspire A315-54 laptop, so if you have this camera then update the firmware to version 007 - Camera Firmware (USB\VID_0408&PID_A031&REV_006) Fix Tech-Front camera dim issue after a period of usage. - dated: 2022/10/11, and see if it fixes the camera.

    Also, the “vid/pid” is the Plug and Play ID of the camera, If your camera doesn't work or its not detected then its very highly likely that the cameras driver is either corrupted and needs uninstalling and reinstalling by letting windows update reinstall it or the camera is faulty and needs replacing with one of the cameras listed below.

    The Aspire 3 A315-54 camera drivers are not provided by Acer support, you need to either change the camera yourself or consult a technician and have the camera changed, as there are no updated drivers for a camera in windows except the drivers that are provided by windows or windows update. Good luck and hope this has helped you out.

    A315-54 camera fitted by acer:

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