I have a Aspire 7(A715-51G) and it won't start Instead, the power light just blinked orange and blue

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I've had many negative things about this PC, but yesterday when I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't start. Instead, the power light just blinked orange and blue. When I pressed the power button for a long time, the blue light turned off, the other light blinked white ,ıdk what it is, for a second, and then it went back to the orange and blue blinking cycle. I took it to a couple of computer repair shops, but they couldn't identify the issue. Has anyone experienced something like this? Please help me.

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    The laptop is only 1 year old, and you should have brought it to Acer Services in your country for possible repairs under warranty. What charger are you using, the regular barrel plug "brick" power adapter or a USB-C charger, if the latter is this an Acer recommended 100-Watt laptop USB-C charger with a fixed 10 Amp USB-C cord or a universal phone charger? Check if the battery is fully charged, if so, reset the battery with a pin in the reset pinhole at the back of the laptop while everything is disconnected from the laptop.

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    Blue seems to mean power, and orange means a battery problem. Remove the charger. Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. Then insert a paperclip into the battery reset pinhole on the bottom cover for 30 seconds. Wait 15mins. Plug the charger back in. If steady orange charging LED, don't try to turn machine on till steady blue. If still blinking orange LED, battery is likely unrecoverable due to being drained for extended period below critical level (less than about 4%). See if that helps at all.