Will the RTX3050 work with the G3-710 Model:7265NGW? Gaming upgrade

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Will the RTX3050 work with the G3-710 Model:7265NGW?

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    Some of the Predator G3-710 desktop top of the range models came fitted oem from Acer with a gpu like the GTX 1080 GDDRVX 8GB that requires a auxiliary 8 pin power, and your G3-710 was also released with a 730W FSP750-80EGN (A01001) APFC PSU (but most were released with a 500W PSU that will still power the RTX3050) that has all the power requirements for the RTX3050 gpu that you want to upgrade to, If you have the 500W PSU then I would upgrade to a new 24pin modular 650 PSU that has auxiliary gpu adapter power that is required by the RTX3050 as it will fit and work with your G3-710 mainboard.

    Btw, the RTX3050 requires a minimum 550W PSU so if you have the G3-710 desktop with the 750W PSU it will plug and play the RTX3050 perfectly with an adapter. I would also upgrade this desktop to the more powerful Intel Core i7-7700K cpu (if you have the i5-7600K cpu) and would not do gaming unbundler a min ram capacity of 16GB DDR4-3200MHz but preferably with the RTX3050 at 64GB (4x 16GB DDR4-3200MHz into its 4 ram slots) as suggested by Crucial ram scan. Good luck.

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    How about AMD RX 6600? I do have the 500W PSU i7-7200 with Nvidia 950.

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    Both the 3050 and 6600 use about the same power, so should work OK with a 500W supply. You'd be safer to drop a bit bigger supply in though, to give you some wiggle room. I'd suggest 650 or 800…

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