RGB Lighting is dim in PH18-72

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Love the PH18-72. But two questions about the keyboard's lighting.

First, when I create an 'area' lighting scenario in PredatorSense…most of the keys are really dim. Yes, the keyboard lighting is turned up all the way with F12. And yes, the brightness is maxed out on the slider, in PredatorSense. But only the WASD keys and a few others, like Tab and Caps Lock are bright. Can the rest of the keys be that bright? They ARE in things like 'Wave' but not in my personal scenario.

Also, having the WASD keys so bright is great in games, but when I'm writing in a document, is there any way to make them match the other keys? So they're not 'hey, look at me?'

I've searched for the answer to both of these questions, and I haven't found any info. Whenever I search 'dim keyboard,' all I get is 'Press F12.'

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