XC-1760 graphics upgrade

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There was a discussion regarding this already posted. However the information confused me a little, it sounded like it said you can.. but you can’t!?

I have the XC-1760, I believe it has a 180w PSU. Is it possible to install/upgrade the graphics? So far i’ve only upgraded the ram to 24Gb. Haven't done anything else to it.

but if it is possible? What do i need? The other discussion sounded like i may have to upgrade the PSU? Is this easily doable if i need to?

and if I do get as far as being able to shop around for a graphics card? What kind of requirements does it need to fit? (Suggestions/links welcome)

Thank you to anyone that can help in advance!

fyi- this is what i have - https://www.acer.com/gb-en/desktops-and-all-in-ones/aspire-classic-desktops/aspire-xc/pdp/DT.BHWEK.00Q

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    The Aspire XC-1760 desktop comes with either a 180W or a 300W PSU, your 180W PSU needs to be upgraded to the XC-1760 300W PSU of the units below:

    Then you can upgrade to the Acer fitted GPUs that Acer fitted oem to the XC-1760 desktop which are the following GPUs and are recommended for your XC-1760 desktop:

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