Predator (PH317-55) why does it drop the resolution to 480p?

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Ever since I got my predator (PH317-55), it does this thing where it doesn't matter which browser I'm using, but facebook, youtube, any video site will refresh after a while and reload the page, and then for youtube video I noticed that it drops to 480p from the best resolution available! And of course, through this refresh, my music or movie stops for a second!

What the *****?!?!?! I tried using a different browser, I reinstalled the system many times, but I'm about to hit it to the ground running to see if it fixes it..

All in all, this predator is a big disappointment for me, because it is also terribly hot, and does not bring the fps I got for 850.000 HUF.

But to make me less angry, why the fk would it do that?! The good-for-nothing predator sense? With an automatic cooling system worse than a 1500 forint fan. Could that be the problem, that it's getting stuck in some *****? But it does the same thing on a brand new system.

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