Why is my Acer Predator Triton 500 PT15-52 running slow after moving?

mome Member Posts: 1 New User

I recently moved and since moving I've noticed intense drops in performance while playing several games. I used to average 120-180 fps in Overwatch and between 80-120 on Apex Legends on low settings. Now I am fluctuating between 30 and 100 on Overwatch and 30-80 on Apex Legends. In both games, my CPU temperature fluctuates between 86 and 90 degrees Celsius. I measured CPU/GPU temps with PredatorSense as well as MSI afterburner, that's how I obtained these values.

I initially noticed that my RAM usage was at 90% while playing both games according to Taskl Manager, so I went ahead and upgraded the RAM in my computer to 32gb RAM but that did not solve the issue. I also wondered if it was an airflow problem because my laptop is on a flat surface but I bought a cooling pad and that does not seem to be the issue as the frame drops still occur.

I bought this system in November 2020 so I know that it is showing its age, but a sudden drop in performance beneath 60fps is unusual even for a computer with its age. I am not sure of what my next steps should be to resolve the issue and restore my computer to its prior level of performance before my move.