DtsApo4Service high RAM usage in PH18-71

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I have purchased PH18-71 recently. It is a nice machine, but there are some software flaws. Predator Sense is pretty poor regarding lighting control. it behaves quite strangely sometimes; I can see many threads about this in the forum. Anyway, I noticed one other thing which seems suspicious. DtsApo4Service (listed as "Controls the DTS audio processing object." in Task manager) is the process with the highest RAM usage - slightly under 1,6GB. Like really? Audio service? I presume it is a DTS-related service, so I was a bit surprised when I read here it can cause Predator Sense to go crazy sometimes (yea, I saw that once or twice too)… Well, I reinstalled both DTS apps (btw the service was not uninstalled with them), I killed it, restarted, tried without apps / with apps / with audio enhancements on / off… RAM usage is always the same. It is not a big deal as there is plenty of RAM, but anyway - can you see the same number? Is it normal? 1.6GB is far too much.

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