Acer ConceptD CN517-71P-77RU How to use a recovery drive

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I have an Acer ConceptD CN517-71P-77RU laptop and I just created a recovery drive on an USB memory. Now I wonder how to use this recovery drive for restore the system. I have understood so much that I have to get my laptop to boot from the USB drive. For this I have to connect the drive, power on the PC and enter the BIOS settings to get the USB stick as the first boot option before the hard drive and other things. I can get in the BIOS settings by pressing F2 during booting but well in there I have only one option for boot, namely Windows Boot Manager and with this only option I can't get the PC booting from the USB memory.

After searching the Internet, I have read that this is exactly how it should be, that is perfectly normal, that I choose the boot device from all UEFI options with the Boot Menu. I have to make sure the boot menu is enabled and then an F12 at startup should give you the choice of which device to boot from.

Well, it does not. Firstly, I don't how to "make sure the boot menu is enabled", where the option for this is in BIOS settings. Secondly, I can press F12 how I want during booting, I don't get any choice of booting device. The boot is completly deaf for it and uses the HD anyway.

Can any kind soul give me a hint on how I can get this technology under the guise of an Acer ConceptD laptop to understand that I want it to boot from the USB memory? From the drive I painstakingly created to be able to restore from? Just to have some meaning in doing things like creating a recovery drive.

Thanks in advance

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    How did you make the Windows Recovery Disk? If on another PC is has to have the same Windows version, you type Recovery in Windows Search on that PC and stick a 20GB flash drive in the USB -2.0 or 3.0 port. Then select "Create a recovery drive" (see picture)

    That will download WindowsRE OS on the bootable flash drive (takes 40 minutes). Stick this flash drive in the USB (same type as used on the PC) of the laptop and boot to BIOS with F2, on the Boot screen you should see the USB drive that you move to the top with the arrow key or F5/6. If you don't see the USB drive, reboot with the stick in another USB port or the flash drive is bad (wrong type/format). See if you can boot with that Recovery flash drive the PC following the same procedure.

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    In your BIOS main menu, there's a setting to enable/disable the F12 boot menu:

    How you created the recovery image will decide whether the flash drive is bootable or not.

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