Predator Helios 300 Laptop won't boot, even with charger in

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Recently I have had a new problem with my Predator Helios 300. (the 2018 model I believe, ‎G3-572-7526). When I try to turn it on, the laptop turns on, fans start spinning, and then the laptop instantly shuts itself off. The monitor doesn't even turn on, the most that happens is the keyboard backlits and the fans kick in. It then gets in a loop of doing this unless I hard reset the computer.

Some other things to mention:

-Charger works perfectly fine, yellow light turns on when charging

-No sudden drops or previous issues

-When I press the power button, sometimes I get 5 blue blinks. Does this mean a component in the computer is broken?

Any advice? I can't even get to bios or anywhere on the computer.

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