Acer Aspire 3 - A3-311-31-C2WP Ram upgrade

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I'm currently using this laptop(A3-311-31-C2WP) and have noticed that it bottlenecks a lot especially when opening more than 1 programs and this is a problem I would like to solve. I've done my research and know that I can upgrade the ram of this unit. But I would like to have a clarification from someone more knowledgeable and with credibility regarding this issue.

I've read somewhere that the maximum ram capacity of this unit is more than 10GB of ram. I would like to upgrade to an 8gb of ram from its original 2gb. I've went on to the crucial site to look for a compatible ram and it only showed me 4gb ones.

I'm from the Philippines so I also tried on Shopee(much like amazon) and the seller there asked for my specs so they can recommend me a compatible ram and they only gave me a 4gb one also. They have options of 4gb-8gb-12gb sodims, 2400mhz 2600mhz.

I don't know what's going on if I'm just unlucky on my searches but it seems like unofficially I can only upgrade up to 4gb of ram? Can someone verify this for me before I buy anything?

Thank you.


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    I assume you mean an Aspire A311-31-C2WP, vintage 2018 model? Here's the spec on the system memory:

    So, 8GB max is what they say. What is the base memory size on your system? I only see motherboards using 4GB onboard in the service guide, but you sound like you might have one with only 2GB onboard? They could easily have downsized some SKUs for specific markets, so a 2GB version would be possible. If that's the case with yours, officially you can upgrade to 6GB total and 10GB is unlikely to work.

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    The are some (nonstandard) Aspire3 models without any onboard memory and only one removable slot. Dual Channel would than not be possible and 4GB for the removable slot should work.

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    Onboard memory cannot be removed

    If there is only one slot , you can either use 2g ram or 4 gb ram.

    I would like to provide some more additional info which will really help you. 

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    To check the compatibility of ram which you can use on your computer.. Get CPUz and check it with that in SPD section of all the RAM and specs that you have, its a quick and simple way to check all OEM specs and what you have in your system. 

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