Concept D 7 Battery Not Charging After Changing to a New Battery

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I am having a problem after changing the inner battery for my Concept D 7 Ezel. When I plug in the charger, the battery lamp is slowly blinking. It turns on fine while it’s connected to power source but everything turns off as soon as I unplug the charger. The battery usage always indicates that it’s 83% charged and it doesn’t go up from there. I have also tried resetting my battery as well as updating the battery driver.

Anyone knows a solution?


  • Puraw
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    If the amber battery LED is blinking you have a bad battery or HW issue, check the battery cable connector inside and make sure you bought the correct battery. there are cheap refurbished batteries sold, make sure this is a legit Acer endorsed battery. Note that a new battery needs to undergo one full charge cycle for BIOS and MS ACPI battery controller to register the full charged capacity, failing to do that will results in power issues and inaccurate battery readings: Disable Hibernate and Fast Startup, change your Acer custom power plan to Windows default plans or reset your power plan to factory defaults and shut down completely (disconnect all USB devices and monitors/docking station). Close the lid and plug-in the power adapter, charge till the amber battery LED turns blue and wait 10 minutes (should not take more than 1 hour). Boot to Windows and check if the battery is charged 100% (battery meter on taskbar). Disconnect the power adapter and use the laptop all day till it shuts down on its own (don't worry you won't lose data). Close the lid and plug-in the adapter, charge till the amber battery LED turns blue again and wait an extra 10 minutes. Boot to Windows and run a battery report as a reference.

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    Which ConceptD 7 model do you have? Your full model number is usually on the same sticker as your serial number, it should look something like CN715-xxx-xxxx. On some of the models a blinking amber battery status LED is just an indication it is charging, on some the light is only amber without a blink when charging and a blinking amber light shows a battery failure.

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