USB Ports on Aspire 8930g no longer supplying power

WILTO Member Posts: 3 New User

The usb ports on my Aspire 8930G recognises a usb stick, but no longer supply power for example, a wireless mouse, running windows 10 64 bit


  • billsey
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    Boy, that's an oldie… It's neat that you have W10 running on it, IIRC it shipped with Vista. :) If it recognizes a USB flash drive, then it is providing power on the port because the chips in the flash drive need power. It might not be providing enough power though. It may not be worth the effort to diagnose, but if you are into it, you could start with something like this USB tester on Amazon. It's pretty inexpensive and you should be able to verify what the different loads are for the flash drive and wireless adapter. We know the issue isn't something simple like a blown fuse and there aren't schematics available for the motherboard, so tracing the issue down is going to take some real sleuthing.

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