my ssd is saying that there is a SMART error and faliure is imminent

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i keep getting a SMART error when i restart my pc and my ssd says it need repairs. however, applications like crystal disk are saying that my ssd is 100% healthy and i should worry about this. the ssd is also not allowing me to delete or add files to it as everytime i restart the files just come back or go away. this is a very annoying problem and i dont know how to fix other than formating the drive


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    You have issues with the drive, and it's going to fail soon. Ignore what Crystal Disk and such are saying, they are only looking at the current environment and ignoring the errors. Windows is doing what it can ti mitigate the issues, and that's why it's not letting to save or delete files. Get a replacement drive, then try cloning the existing drive to the new one. Also, if possible do a backup to a removable device as soon as possible.

    More detailed suggestions really require us to know what machine you have, what drive is installed and which OS is running on it… Your full model number is usually on the same sticker as your serial number, it should look something like xxxxx-xxx-xxxx.

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