SpatialLabs View Pro blender compatibility and workspace

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Hi, just got a New SpacialLabs View Pro this morning and have been trying to build a working setup to efficiently use Blender(3D) on it using its 3D. The 3D works great but im having trouble finding ways to overlay the blender UI onto the 3D view so i can use it like a program and not just a viewer. also similarly having a problem with blender's OpenXR vr viewport default plugin where it ignores the camera's pitch axis, (I think cause the eyetracking does not output any data for that axis and leave its output at a constant neutral rather than nothing so it locks the pitch axis.) as for getting the UI to work as an overlay. I was able to get this plugin called "Better Windows" working that allows for "Always on top" for floating blender windows. It works properly but when i drag one of these "always on top" windows onto the SpacialLabs Pro's 3D view it gets put behind and only when the mouse hovers over where the window is supposed to be does it vaguely flicker to the top only to disappear again. does anyone know what i can do to overwrite this priority of the SpacialLabs View Pro to make these "always on top" windows stay On Top? also would love if anyone had any knowledge about unlocking the pitch axis. Thanks in advanced. - Greg

Attached are the two plugins I'm using. the VR inspector one is the one cited on the Acer SpatialLabs Pro website for compatibility with Blender.

here is the settings I'm using for the VR plugin. The Mirror Vr Session on the bottom allows me to synch the 3D view with the actual program but takes the ability to navigate the scene away entirely so i so need a fix for that as well.