SpatialLabs Player is top Quality but lacks of vital functions: Audio? Subtitle? Aspect Radio?

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I would like to use SpatialLabs Player for 3D side by side movies (as it is meant for). The 3D image quality in SpatialLaps Player is dramatically better than using SpatialLabs Go on any common movie player like VLC or Kodi. Not only does SpatialLaps Player use much less GPU resources, it is by far the better way to enjoy crosstalk-free content. SpatialLabs Go eats up more resources, is prone to crosstalk and image shuttering.

But SpatialLaps Player is useless for viewing movies: It cannot display subtitles in 3D, it even cannot deactivate them, if there are some. It can’t change audio channels (it always takes the first audio track, and that’s it). And nice to have 3D over-under in the newest version, but what’s the point if there is no way to correct a wrong image aspect ratio?

The SpatialLabs Player is one of SpatialLabs core applications and it’s still unfinished. For the non-gaming models like the just released Aspire 15 Spatiallabs it might be even more important.

So dear Acer stuff, if you read this – please give you a push and finish the SpatialLabs Player app with Language/Subtitle/Aspect Ratio setting. It's overdue. These are absolutely vital functions.


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    ps: about the reason for better image quality of SpatialLabs Player over SpacialLabs Go:

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    Dear @Acer-Blayn @Acer-Brad @Acer-Carsten @Acer-Cory @Acer-Ingrid can you have a look into it? Would be appreciated, many thanks. I'm not sure if I better should have addressed you by PM. If so, please sorry.

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    Hello ThomSwiss,

    Thank you for the suggestion! I'll make sure it is passed along to the correct department.
    Just to clarify, the Acer forum discussions were designed as a peer-to-peer support community where Acer
    users help other Acer users.
    Although this community is not a direct portal to Customer Service, many Acer employees read the
    various topics posted here and you will notice that some Acer employees interact with members
    when appropriate.
    But primarily we want the Acer Community to be a place where members can exchange their own advice
    and ideas.

    Thank you,

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