How should I restore data that was backed up to an external hard drive

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我買SSD M2時 電腦資料有備份 在外接硬碟 現在應該如何把它恢復呢 用宏碁附贈的軟體 備份的


When I bought the SSD M2, my computer data was backed up to an external hard drive. How should I restore it now? I used the software provided by Acer to back it up.

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    If you can still boot to windows, connect the extrenal backup drive and open Acer Care Center:

    1. Select Recovery Management from the menu on the left.
    2. Choose the Backup tab.
    3. Click the Get Started button next to Backup wireless and LAN drivers.
    4. Choose a location (like your desktop) to save the driver to, then click OK.
    5. Open the folder that you saved and run the Setup file to install the driver.

    If you can't boot anymore to Windows, use the Windows Recovery Disk to boot and connect the external backup drive, select System Restore from a backup (drive) in the Troubleshoot Advanced menu (WindowsRE). If you don't have a USB Windows Recovery Disk you can make one on another PC with the same Windows version.