Replacing keyboard on Predator ph317-54.the keyboard stopped functioning

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I own a Predator Helios 300 (ph317-54). About a week after the warranty ended (of course!!!!) the keyboard stopped functioning — sort of.

Certain keys (S, D, 2, 3, O, backspace) just stop working. But, if I walk away and come back in about 10 minutes; it returns to be usable. Shortly after though, it ends up failing again. Rinse. Repeat.

Took it to a local shop - and they opened it all up and cleaned it - and it worked …. for about as long as it usually does. They said though, there's no way to replace the keyboard; it functionally is the entire laptop.

Is this the case? I don't mind purchasing another keyboard to replace it; but based on what they were going to charge, I'd be better off selling this for parts (and buying a non-Acer laptop) :(

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