ENDURO M3 5G hotspot: VPN protocols? USB tethering?

AndyMark Member Posts: 1 New User

I would like to know all the VPN protocols that this 5G mobile hotspot support. I've been in contact with Acer support in Denmark they couldn't help me.


Does VPN work on the device as we speak?

How do you access it?

What VPN protocols are supported?


Usb-C tethering: Can you use a short usb-C to ethernet cable to connect between Acer M3 and a ethernet enabled device like a smart TV or Windows PC, for wired connection?

Thank you for your time and help.



  • JackE
    JackE ACE Posts: 44,474 Trailblazer

    Tethering possibilities shown below. TV might work too. Open, password & challenge handshake protocols. Download setup instruction manual at this link

    Jack E/NJ

  • mmaj
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    I configured the OpenVPN profile and connected successfully to Nord VPN. No other VPN protocols supported.

    To access it you access the device with your browser (out of the box IP address should be You go to the VPN tab and add new VPN profile.

    I could not set up connection to my Asus Router OpenVPN server though. Strange. If anyone was successful to connect to ASUS Open VPN server at your router let me know how you did it.