Predator g593 switched on the laptop however it was stuck on boot loop with no screen.

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Hello Fellas I meed some help,

I had a faulty charger plug on the laptop for sometime but managed to work with it.

Yesterday the laptop died s I forgot to charge it and it didnt want to come back again on charge.

Ive had this issue previously and managed to fix it by replacing the charge cable inside the laptop / main ac charger

Anyway while waiting for the new parts i pokes the inside with a needle to see if that do the trick. Nothing happened but somehow after 7 8 hours plugged in it started charging.

I switched on the laptop however it was stuck on bootloop with no screen.

I have attempted the following:

Restarting on off 15/30 sec

Unplugging battery

Connecting to an external screen not working

F12 does the job and stops the bootloop but no screen again

Any ideas solutions would be extremely helpful


  • JackE
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    pokes the inside with a needle

    What did you poke inside with the needle? The PC's charging jack? With the battery still connected to the mainboard?

    Jack E/NJ