USB C Hub Model ODK390-The HDMI connection does not work. Solution?

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I recently purchased this USB C Hub for my laptop. The HDMI connection does not work. I have tried various configurations and two different laptops, and I have checked that the screen output is configured for two monitors. The monitor is recognized immediately when I plug the HDMI cable directly into the laptop, but it will not recognize it when the HDMI cable is plugged into the dock. Please advise if there is a driver or other solution you recommend.

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    Unless your PC's USBC port natively supports alternate mode HDMI or DisplayPort video signals, hubs usually won't work.

    What PC manufacturer and model number do you have?

    Jack E/NJ

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    Please contact the usb hub c manufacturer to isolate the issue.

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    I believe specs on the ODK390 say it requires video output support on your USB-C port, so if the port doesn't have DP Alt Mode then the dock will not work with video devices. What laptop do you have?

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    I am using this HUB on a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 15IML. It is up to date running Windows 11, but it is > 5 years old so it may not support the protocol(s) required. LMK if you can advise on if it is possible to use this with the HDMI connection thru USB-C.


  • JackE
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    Sorry, the hardware in these older Lenovo models have data-only USB ports. Meaning that they do NOT natively support alternate mode video output as explained in the Lenovo forums at this link.

    However you may be able to use an active USB-to-HDMI video signal converter rather than a passive USB-to-HDMI connector form-factor adapter like most hubs.

    Other users have reported the following active signal converters may work on a data-only USB port. Their main drawback is refresh rates are low so they are usually unsuitable for most modern video games.


    usb-2-video signal converters

    hdmi form factor

    displayport form factor,electronics,171&sr=1-10

    dock converter

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  • bro08170
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    Ok - thanks for the feedback and confirmation.