Ethernet dose not have a valid ip configuration on my acer aspire xc 800

schoolcraftJT Member Posts: 1 New User

Im trying to conect my two desktops and on my acer aspire xc 800 it tell me the following:

This is not the first time this has happened. What could be causing this and how can it be fixed?

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  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 31,941 Trailblazer

    It's typically caused by the router not handing out a DHCP lease. If you look at the IP address 'assigned' it will be a 169.254.x.x, which is what the IP stack assigns when there is no DHCP. The issue might be with the router, if they hold onto the addresses for disconnected devices too long they can overrun the address table. Some router designs only allow a few addresses to better handle the traffic load, though most modern ones ought to at least give up to 100 addresses out, if not the full 253 (2-254, 1 is typically earmarked for the router itself).

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