black flashing lines emerging from base of screen and travelling upwards in predator laptop

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I've only had my laptop a couple of weeks and I've noticed black flashing lines coming at the bottom of the screen, travelling up. The screen seems a bit blurred then. Lines disappear then come back again. I did think it was to do with a solitaire game but I uninstalled that but the black lines seem to come back anyway. Has anyone else had a problem like this please?

I'm not using it for gaming just general computer use.

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    The main reasons why your laptop is flickering upwards are:

    • Your drivers are outdated or incorrectly installed.
    • The monitor is short-circuiting because of residual power.
    • The cables aren't connected properly or are damaged.
    • The refresh rate of your monitor isn't synchronized.
    • There are issues with your video card.
    • Your monitor displays the wrong resolution.