How do I Install Acer Purified Voice? I have Acer Nitro 5 or Nitro AN515-57

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I have Acer Nitro 5 or Nitro AN515-57

I want to Install it because when I am in a discord call with my friends, they can hear what I watch on YouTube.

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  • Joe9844
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    If your laptop comes with purified voice, then just install your various audio drivers using the installer exe (often called setup.exe) or the cmd command line script. Then run Microsoft Store to pull the various apps.

    You CANNOT use device manager to install the new post 2018 DCH drivers. This Intel FAQ on their new graphics DCH driver also applies to the new kind of realtek audio DCH drivers (with realtek audio console app).

    That is the major reason why people complain how they can't find realtek audio console app on the microsoft store or why it is not installed.

  • billsey
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    There are three different components to the audio drivers on Acer's support site. You should make sure all three are installed, the audio drivers, the audio console drivers and the XPERI DTS Utility.

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