Acer Veriton X4618G SFF BIOS Update

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Hello All,

I am new to this community. I have recently acquired an Acer Veriton X4618G SFF computer. This computer was retired from educational use here in Chicago. The machine is still well spec’d and I am attempting to upgrade it to Windows 10. Windows 7 loads and runs without problem. After loading Windows 10 the computer randomly blue screens and restarts. I have seen this same computer running Windows 10 and 11 with the same motherboard (Q65H2-AD V1.0) in my computer. The only difference I have found is a difference in BIOS. My computer is currently running BIOS P01-A3. The working machines are all running a later BIOS. I have found a number of “questionable” websites claiming to offer BIOS update files for my computer. I attempted to but could not find the file on the Acer website. Is it possible to obtain the updated BIOS directly from the Acer community to minimize any possible damage to the computer? I am aware that an incorrect BIOS load can permanently damage the motherboard. I am a retired engineering technician with 40 years bench experience. Upgrading and re-purposing computers is just a hobby for me now that I am no longer up to my elbows in microprocessors, SMT and firmware loads. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can send a zip file to my e-mail: or provide a download link to obtain it directly from your group.

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    To the right (Drivers and Downloads)

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    Yes, it looks like Acer has removed some of the support resources for this old of a system. They seem to be doing that for all the Windows 7 and earlier machines. You have no choice other than using a third party to find those old files.

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