Issue installing a secondary drive in Aspire A515-44.I couldn't put the secondary drive

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Dear community, I would like to share with you one issue I detected recently. I bought my notebook about 3 years ago, and already upgraded some parts of my laptop: currently the main drive is a m.2 NMVe disk with 1 Tb and I put 24 gb of ram.

However, I couldn't put the secondary drive (MX500 Crucial), when I was working over WIN 10. In this last week I had to upgrade to Win 11, and I would like to complete the tuning process.

In other occasions I put the drive connected to the motherboard but the system never recognized the new disk (Disk Management never complete the formatting of the new disk - Freeze process…). Right now this disk is been using like a external drive.

Do you have any clue what's going on? I watched youtube videos and info on the web but I found nothing.

Thanks in advanced.

My Specs:

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