Acer care center register. When try to register it say already registered

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First use of this software was typical oem crapware

Just registering a laptop froze it after apply.

Then next I know it's asking again to register after that it's saying it's already registered lol = no kidding I did already :doh:

Well I was planning to clean install with win-11 pro anyway because with the OEM's including the usual preinstall McAfee lol = really Acer ! get with it, the worst virus you can possible find preinstalled only second worst to Norton someone miss the memo windows defender/ security is installed ?

Anyway seems quite a chore just doing a simple task just to register a laptop.

Support said to email to straighten out the registering mess and still have not got anything back from them weekend so hopefully next week I can get this "should be easy" task done.

All and all the laptop works fine basic drivers and oc apps Nitro to quickly change performance modes/ AMD software to run the memory at rated speed are installed and the only acer app is true sound…

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    I would upgrade to Pro with the key you have (or bought) rather than clean install Windows with a USB flash drive and ISO file. Acer registration is now done automatically when you first setup the laptop online when you enter your name and e-mail address, you should get an e-mail confirmation that the laptop is registered. Tip: When uninstalling 3rd-party AV programs download their uninstaller apps as remnants in Windows registry will keep interfering with Defender and networking. I don't recommend PC Cleaner or other uninstallers as these programs may create more registry issues.