standard hardware security i cant acess any of my windows security features

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your IT administrator has limited access to some featurtes

i cant acess any of my windows security features this message keeps coming up..any ideas?

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    Hi @theirhere please indicate the exact model of the computer and the version of Windows installed.
    What antivirus do you have installed?
    Are you joined to a Domain? It is a limitation of group policies.

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    This is due to bad policy in the registry blocking you from changing Windows Defender, done either by 3rd party AV or some malware, this is the fix for W10 and W11 according to

    Enter the Registry by clicking "Start" and type "regedit". Select "Run as Administrator". In the Registry Editor, navigate through the following branch: Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Policy Manager. In Policy Manager there should only be Default, in W10-11 Home. Any other information here, indicates the presence of "Policies". If you find Policies in Policy Manager, and you are running W10-11 Home and are experiencing Security blocking. Navigate through the Registry Editor as follows:
    Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Policy Manager\Default and expand Defender. In the list of Policies in it, find AllowUserUIAccess. Select this item, and the Key that controls "hiding" or "showing" of Virus & Threat Protection, will be displayed. In this Key, find the sub-key, "highrange". If you Modify its Dword from 1 to 0, you nullify the effect of the rogue Policy. And after a restart Virus & Threat Protection should be visible again.

    There is no way to reset your registry to factory defaults, other than clean installing Windows.