Acer Nitro 5 N20C1. No Power The DC power jack is tight.Yet I have no indication it is getting power

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I have a new battery and a new power adapter. The DC power jack is tight. Yet I have no indication it is getting power. I have even swapped out the memory.

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    Try this:
    Power drain + CMOS reset: Open the back of the laptop and disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard. Locate the CMOS module (with 2 twisted wires Red and Black under the battery) and remove the coin battery. Shorten the +/- contacts inside the CMOS capsule for 2 seconds with a bended paperclip and put the coin battery back with the + sign facing up, close the CMOS capsule. Next, press the Power Button on the keyboard for 10-15 seconds after that reconnect the battery cable to the motherboard. Close the laptop, plug-in the adapter and try to boot.

    If the power LEDs still won't turn on, I recommend bringing the laptop and power adapter to Acer Services in your country to check the motherboard.

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    Just some additional information if you haven't already found this out? First, don't quote your laptop as the model N20C1 as its confusing, your Nitro 5 is referred to most commonly as the AN515-55-xxxx to be precise and that is a better reference number, 🤣

    If you get no power with a new battery and a new replaced power adapter then the main power rail of your laptop is faulty and your laptop needs to be dragonized by an experienced technician to see if there are any capacitors, resistors or mosats shorted? As that is what your laptops problem(s) are and that is why its not booting.

    Take your AN515-55 laptop to either Acer Tech Support in your country or to an experienced technician that knows what he/she is doing and get them to look at your laptops main power rail and where/what main rail circuitries are shorted or burned out. Be aware that you could also have a terminal issue where either the cpu or gpu or chipset have been burned out because a most has allowed a high current to penetrate these chips and they are burned out, then you need to replace the mainboard, so don't be surprised if you need to do that. Good luck and hope this helps you out.

    Check this area of your laptop at DC_IN port

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